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My name is Janos Karoly Varay (b. Barcs, Hungary, 04/03/1949). My main qualifications are skilled pharmacist, machine maintainer-technician, chemist-technician, high school teacher of engineering, teacher of chemistry, manager of trade. My mother tongue is Hungarian and I can speak German, too.
My previous pots are pharmacist – chemical skilled worker, chemical-engineering tutor, plant leader, high school teacher of chemistry-engineering and knowledge of wares.

I had lectures in about a 100 conferences. My contacts: 44 Rakoczi Street, Barcs, H 7570 Phone.: 06-82-461-846 Email.:

Karoly Varay, retired research teacher.

Some of my available works so far:

Neue Methode im Unterricht der Elektronenstruktur, vorrangig in didaktischer Hinsicht
Karoly Varay: The quantum-mechanic electron structural periodic table. A new method to teach the electron structure, especially didactically.

I offer my inventions to be used for general purposes. If interested, I can reveal the principles, model and the results of my experiments of each of my invention in a presentation (ppt format) after signing the privacy statement.
My first invention is a new type of hybrid engine, the Varay-combustion engine. The invention can be used as a combustion engine, heater, combustor or generator.
This invention has to be handled as a complex; its components can be combined in multi-fold ways. None of my inventions have been patented or made public. My solutions contain a set of inventions and innovations. Further experiments and engineering jobs are needed to create the optimal engine. It combines the principles of combustion engines, the electronic engines and the steam engines in a closed cycle. The invention requires energy-input. To achieving the optimal performance with minimal energy-input requires further calculations and experimental equipments. Materials not used for heating so far can also be used with this invention. To choose the structural materials further research is necessary. (The ability to absorb gases, pressure-resistance and enduring temperature). Furthermore, creating the non-traditional spark plug requires more experiments. Ceramic materials can be used as structural material.
The advantages of my inventions are manifold. Their emission of pollutants is zero, or a  1/ 3 or ¼ of the present equipments. Their lifetime is perpetual when the right construction material is chosen. Their main parts do not require reparation. Their preparation is simple when using ceramic. They do not require many units; basically the same number as today’s engines. So, the highlights: they are sustainable and simple.
First, a 1 ml capacity engine should be constructed for the measurements. (I have already constructed a unit like this, it is an unprofessional one). The optimal parameters can be examined with this. All material needed for the construction of this experimental unit is available in the market. Constructing the unit requires team work

Another invention of mine is the Varay-generator, which can produce electricity from any kind of motion. Its realisation should be a wave powerhouse. Constructing the generators requires engineering but  1/ 10 of the time that of traditional engines. The invention is based on a very common principal, but has not been exploited in this way yet. This is, again, a group of inventions. I have a presentation in .ppt format. (They can be used with wind, water, wave and on moving solid surfaces).

Absolut neuartige Spritzmaschine, die auch zum Feuerléschen geeignet ist. Ohne jegliche Fehler, die zurzeit bei Maschinen dieser Art vorkommen. Das Volumen und die Masse der Maschine ist nur ein Bruchteil der Maschinen, die zurzeit in Gebrauch sind.
Funktionsfähiges Musterstück vorhanden.

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